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four Es is a project that aims to help those who have the desire to live emotions riding the bike.
The frantic pace that modern society imposes is bringing more and more people to look for moments of leisure and entertainment to find a way of life different than return them to be leaders of their time.
Such moments can be searched in various forms but us four Es aim to rediscover their bicycle as a means of green transport, starting from the relationship that exists between man and his environment, to stimulate the recovery of values ​​that now seem forgotten.
The bicycle as a tool to then feel free, in direct contact with nature, to discover that all around us without going too far there are places of unimaginable beauty, made even more extraordinary emotion that arouses them achieved only with their own forces.
And this is the key to understanding our message out with your bike is cheap, does not damage the environment, is healthy and can give strong emotions.
If all of that is shared with other people who share this same interest emotions multiply.

So four S to identify four ways of being and living the bike, the easier and less demanding up to competition of high specialization:

  • S as Solidarietà (Solidarity) is the first and we consider most important, because the willingness to give up part of your interest, shows the maturity of passing the inner conflict that arises selfishness as the main element in relations with others. Giving up something to give to those in need of us feel the excitement starting to take each of the next "S".
  • S as Sentieri (Trails): people often compares the bike as life, because to ride with your bike involves having to overcome obstacles and unforeseen due to the distances, climbs and descents more or less difficult. And in bike as in life, she always looks forward to continue and reach the goal and every moment of the journey makes us experience emotions, given what we see and feel around and the inner perception that our body gives us immersed in nature. Each goal reached is a victory, small or large, is the sum of everything we've learned, is the Path to our emotions.
  • S as Salute (Health): it is known that physical activity itself imply an improvement of the efficiency of your body. But to have real benefits you should never overdo it, having sound principles, ensuring a healthy diet with the knowledge that their skills must be exercised in safety. There are some golden rules such as the use of helmets, gloves, goggles and appropriate clothing and comfortable together observance of the code NORBA (National Off Road Bicycle Association) and IMBA (International Mountain Biking Association) will help avoid problems completing our maturation to the last S, the most complex.
  • S as Sports: when you achieve the desire of the agonism in this sport is, in our opinion, the attainment of inner discipline. A culture of respect is something present in all the above S: it starts with respect for others, respect for the environment coming through respect for ourselves. These experiences create a balance to accept our limits in comparison with opponents and the culture of "patience" understood as respect for the time of physical and mental growth that leads to competitive sport. It 'a way to defeat the bad habit of "shortcuts", often undertaken by those who want everything at once, that denotes un'incompleata training as an individual.

For each of the exposed lines will be created initiatives aimed at all those who have the desire to become an active part in this project.

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