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Subscribe to four ES community is to become an active part of the project. Identifying in one of our groups, you can join the initiatives addressed to it which will be organized through the portal. Choose the one that best meets your interests:



  1. Kids: Small bikers will be the center of attention with games turned to them, in collaboration with our teachers. Camps and Gimkane to learn while having fun. But not only for them because even their parents can rent bicycles and equipment to engage in the relay, with rankings and prizes.
  2. Newbie: is the group of people who do sport at the weekend for the first time or new to the world of cycling and therefore benefit from initiatives "introductory". So nothing difficult, but it gradually, step by step, in order to learn the basics and gain the confidence necessary so that everything is fun
  3. Biker: those who use the bike several times a week or engaged in other sports regularly, who have already gained experience in travel, both independently driven and who like to challenge themselves in competitive times. Things a bit 'more complicated for this group because you go to a more specialized bike, to mature the necessary experience to deal with excursions of varying difficulty, in preparation for the races
  4. Racer is the group of people who do sport regularly and participating in competitions. To this group belong the Master and the competitive categories (the youth from Beginners on up to the Elite). In this context, the training is very specific, to be tailored to the most advanced. It always starts with an assessment of the capabilities and objectives to build adequate training.

For each member will be proposed the membership card by the Italian Cycling Federation (FCI) or another Federation belonging UCI, in order to ensure a minimum insurance coverage during the activities. The cost of membership card can be found in the website of the releasing Federation by adding the annual fee for registration in the community, which will include access to the private area of ​​this site, the ability to see all the items of four ES Magazine, take advantage of the facilities established by our partners and much more.

To learn more about activities and facilities for individual groups refer to the data sheet of each.


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